Full Implant Teeth Replacement

Dr. Reuter regularly transitions a patient from having damaged natural teeth to a full set (full arch) of implant teeth. Sometimes it’s just one jaw, upper or lower and some times it is both. The teeth are extracted and implants are placed in the same surgery. Patients that are currently in dentures also make this transition. Dr. Reuter teams up with some highly skilled dentists and prosthodontists to offer this to our patients and we regularly deliver the first set of implant teeth the same day the implants are placed.

There are many reasons for tooth loss but most patients do not want dentures. This patient had failing upper teeth and did not want to go into dentures. Dr. Reuter placed upper implants and the patient had a full set of implant teeth secured to the implants.
Implants attached to mold (Upper Left Image). Implants installed (Lower Left Image).
Some patients need both upper and lower teeth to be removed. Dr. Reuter removed the teeth and placed the implants for both upper and lower jaws in the same surgery. The patient had immediate teeth placed so she didn’t have to wear a lower denture at all and had the final implant teeth delivered after the implants fully integrated.
Teeth prior to dental implants.
This patient had full upper and lower implant reconstruction. Dr. Reuter removed all teeth and placed implants all in the same surgery. The teeth were delivered the same day and the patient never went a day without teeth.
Before full upper and lower implants.
This patient did not want to have an upper denture so Dr. Reuter removed the upper teeth and placed implants in the same surgery. Her final teeth looked and felt like normal teeth.
Full upper implant teeth completed.

Am I a candidate?

Many patients assume that they may not be a candidate based on age or that teeth have been missing for a long time. During an implant consult, Dr. Reuter performs a complete exam and cone beam CT scan. He is able to digitally perform surgery and assess the available bone and soft tissue for implants. Most patients have multiple implant options available to them and even patients that have been in dentures for years are usually good candidates. There are a few contra-indications to dental implants and also a few risk factors that Dr. Reuter will address if applicable, but the vast majority of our patients undergo successful implant teeth replacement.

This patient experienced significant bone loss and changes in her facial appearance. Though she had significant bone loss, Dr. Reuter worked with her anatomy to provide 5 implants to support a full set of teeth.
Facial bone loss from missing teeth (Right Image). Five implants in the lower jaw to support teeth (Upper Left Image).
Many cases that involve removing multiple teeth allow us to utilize the best anatomy and avoid areas that have less bone. This patient had full upper and lower extractions and implant placement in the same surgery. The implants are placed in areas with the best bone avoiding the sinus and vital nerve anatomy. Dr. Reuter utilizes sophisticated software programs to plan and place the implants.
Full upper and lower implants to support teeth.


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